Some of us had the opportunity to verify live, in Águilas, what we had already been intuiting from recordings and comments from friends of ProMúsica Águilas, such as the great quality achieved by the Torrevieja Symphony Orchestra, although we have also believed to intuit that it is the faithful reflection of the personality of those who direct it with such dedication and enthusiasm, both musically and artistically, which is the maestro José Francisco Sánchez, so that the symbiosis between his baton and the instruments is absolute.

A few months ago, the Master was about to make an important professional leap by going to perform in St. Petersburg, as a guest conductor, a situation that was cut short by the savage Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Despite this inconvenience, José Francisco Sánchez will again have the opportunity in this month of June, to make a tour of Central Europe, which will take him to two places where Music is part of his reason for being, such as Prague and Vienna, and where they can not afford to take more than figures.
From here our congratulations and wishes to continue reaping success in your career.