Despite the difficulties that the instabilities of the pandemic are generating in terms of continuous changes of dates and other restrictions, our Torrevieja Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestro José Francisco Sanchez, after about 80 days of forced musical silence, finally resumed its activity. Due to the need to maintain the distance between the musicians on stage, music lovers do not find in the programs works that require a large cast of musicians, which is why the OST management proposes immortal classics, such as W.A. Mozart (1756 – 1791) and F. Schubert (1797 – 1828).

Antoni Jakubowski
Mozart & Schubert

Undoubtedly a great magnet for the audience thirsty for live music, has been the possibility of listening to the fabulous guest pianist – Svetlana Berezhnaya, who with the Symphony under J.F. Sanchez performed W.A.'s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C-Major. Mozart, an incredibly radiant music full of positive emotions. The execution of the famous work, raised the spirits of the public, as a consequence of a truly extraordinary artistic creation. The soloist showed that in Mozart each note has its importance and that each note must be cared for and pampered with culture, care and dedication. A fascinating technique, incredible selectivity and clarity in the passages of semicorcheas, dynamic and energetic contrasts, as well as an enormous musicality, are just some characteristics with which S. Berezhnaya impressed during his execution. In the cadenzas there was a great fascination of the artist for the sonorities of the organ and the ability to improvise. To the success of this version contributed the magnificent accompaniment of the Symphony conducted by J.F. Sánchez, effective both in the tuttis and in the collaboration with the soloist, with a magnificent understanding. In short, the Torrevejense public witnessed a first-class execution, both in concept and in realization. The only difficult thing for me to accept was the fact that Berezhnaya performed the famous work without having memorized its musical text. There would be a mitigating circumstance in case of performing a contemporary concerto as of B. Bartok or S. Prokofiev, but that of W.A.Mozart…? The two tips worked like other examples adjusted to his exceptional talent.