In a pre-Christmas atmosphere, a relatively large number of events take place when it comes to music. It is a good tradition to share Christmas with some guests and as befits the level hosts, this time we were able to enjoy the fabulous symphony orchestra of the Murcia region.

Another highlight of this evening was the performance of the well-known, popular and popular director of the Torrevieja Symphony José Francisco Sánchez,this time as guest conductor. In the company of these artists, it was a real pleasure to listen to the classics.

The truth is that watching the classics never disappoints. At the beginning of the special concert, the overture of “The Marriage of Figaro” by W.A. Mozart was performed (a week ago it was 230 years since his death). The Symphony of Murcia, conducted by J.F. Sánchez, presented this delicious piece in an exceptionally brilliant way, which from the first bars allowed the orchestral ensemble to shine with an exquisite sonority that showed freshness, subtlety and purity with a wide dynamic range. The same happened in the execution of the following work, in which the soloist José Lozano Prior played the leading role.

Although the bassoon concerto by C.M. Weber belongs to the obligatory and preferred repertoire of all bassoonists, appears only occasionally in the program of symphony or philharmonic orchestras, as well as works composed for other wind instruments and so each performance becomes a real attraction and even more so if the soloist is one of the outstanding artists. The Torrevejenses were fortunate enough to listen to the fabulous bassoonist José Lozano Prior, who was led with the accompaniment of the OSRM under the direction of Maestro Sánchez and was delighted with a beautiful execution. From the stage, wind blew with classical and romantic sounds at the same time, where all aspects were reflected in the execution of the work. José Lozano showed his excellent technique, musicality and interpretive talent – advantages that allowed him to also show a wide range of timbres of his instrument.

It is worth mentioning the extraordinary accompaniment of the orchestra under Sánchez, which creates a version of ensueńo. A cute version of “Oblivion” by A. Piazzolla as a tip, was the thanks for the extremely warm welcome of the audience.

With a composure and well-controlled version, in which the orchestra moved the strings and resounding tutti with great precision, L.van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in A major is performed.

Master J.F. Sánchez and the Murcian Symphony brought to life a modern Beethoven, flexible and, above all, very sincere towards the text of the score. The characteristic “amsterdam” rhythm of the first movement was presented with freshness and rhythmic precision, confirming the personality of the rejuvenated and malleable performance. Beautiful pianos and pianissimos of the second part (Allegretto) led to the strong and very strong fast movements (scherzo and finale), always maintaining the selectivity of the tonality. He was a Beethoven who fascinated with many extremely precious moments.

The “Seventh” in the execution of the OSRM, under the precise direction of J.F. Sánchez, was presented with an authentic palette of expressions without unnecessary increases, which left the Torrevieja audience impressed and enthusiastic. The applause was duly rewarded with the repetition of the last part of the fourth movement and ended this extraordinary musical evening in a truly brilliant and perfectly implemented way. Bravi a tutti!

Antoni Jakubowski