With the expectation and enthusiasm that always generates a new presentation of our Torrevieja Symphony under the direction of maestro José Francisco Sanchez, we have finally experienced the beginning of the concert season. It is worth being positively surprised, witnessing a real feast for the ear, even more so when the wait was forced by the sad consequences caused by Covid19.

The high level of performance, to which the OST had accustomed classical music fans for years, was already consolidated in the first part of the opening concert, by transporting them to the dimension of charm, which the famous Russian composer knew how to recreate with precision. The four movements of the "Serenade for Strings" Op 48, by P. Tchaikovsky sounded elegantly, appropriately sketching the characteristic paintings. Maestro Sánchez conducting the strings of the OST offered a full sonority and very moving quality.
Certainly, the performance was supported by the fabulous acoustics of the Auditorium, although that only in aspect of reception, since both technically and musically the strings of the OST impressed with very good form, vigor, grace and accurate interpretation of the details. The performers revealed all the beauty of the work, its freshness and charm, exquisite sound lines of the "Waltz", deep expression of love in the "Elegy", and inspired by the Russian folklore "Finale". The execution of the Serenade was truly exquisite.

In the second part of the concert, when a cascade of sounds fell due to the complete change of register, the spectators were practically kidnapped. With the interpretation of the Symphony No. 7 by L.van Beethoven, considered the most rhythmic, energetic and overwhelming of the composer's nine, already from the exposition of the main theme by the brass, the sonority became more expansive. Then, the Allegretto sounded very serious because of the rhythmic incidence of the cellos and basses, whose presence we have been able to appreciate throughout the movement. In the second theme the wooden instruments make the funeral march even more solemn. The last two movements were a sign of total vitality.

During the performance of the fantastic Scherzo and the Allegro con brio final, the Torrevieja Orchestra under the baton of maestro Sanchez always sounded pasted, where the sonority emanated from each musical group of the orchestra, but in a special way I would like to mention the interventions of the oboe and flute, as well as the horns and timpani.

An exquisite Tchaikovsky and an electrifying Beethoven were balanced in a concert in which there was no lack of applause. The only thing missing was to please the audience with a tip. The repetition of the Final Allegro con brio of the "Seventh" concluded the solemn celebration of the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great German composer.

Bravissimo master J.F. Sánchez and the Torrevieja Symphony Orchestra!

Source of information: objetivotorrevieja