Crítica Caleidoscopio de expresiones Musicales

Criticism / Kaleidoscope of musical expressions (Torrevieja Symphony) and – music criticism.

The New Year's concerts – Kings can be valued as the most loved, attractive and accepted by a wide audience. The music offered does not require from the spectators some kind of special preparation, since the program is built by works and pieces of light, easy and pleasant character to perceive and enjoy, however, with high artistic qualities.
With a varied and entertaining program, the Torrevieja Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestro José Francisco Sánchez,delighted the large audience gathered on the evening of January 6 at the International Auditorium, from where for the twelfth time a long-awaited, unique musical breeze of New Year and Kings blew.

Traditionally, during the first concert of the year, the Torrevieja Symphony orchestra offers a combination of international and Viennese repertoire. In the prelude to the zarzuela "Agua, Azucarillos y Aguardientes" by F. Chueca, gave us to understand the general tone of the concert. The piece of a colorful, rhythmic and timbral expressiveness, showed how for a few minutes, the performers knew how to involve their full potential, showing a rich and very controlled sonority in all registers. Similarly, the following numbers of the first part have been interpreted; the overture to "Orpheus of Hell" by J. Offenbach with cute solos of clarinet, oboe, violin and cello, "Danza Española" by P. Tchaikovsky, "Hungarian Dance No 5" by J. Brahms and "Fandango" by A. Vives, presenting a temperamental dominance characteristic for this type of pieces. The waltz of "The Merry Widow" by F. Lehar and "Champagner – Galopp" by H.C. Lumbye turned out to be beautiful and melodious contrasts, emphasizing, at the same time, a magical atmosphere of the night.

The parade "Last Year by Water" by F. Chueca began the second part of the concert, and then left the audience in an exclusive company of the music of Johann Strauss II. The excellently predisposed Torrevieja Symphony, conducted by J.F. Sánchez – the director of great sensitivity, turned out to be an exemplary interpreter of this music, taking people on an imaginary journey to the capital of waltz and polka, as is the city of Vienna. The Overture of "El Murciélago" – a work, perhaps, the most technically and interpretively difficult of the program, has been presented with a palette of dynamic, rhythmic and agogic ingredients, which made it a tasty dish in every way. The merit is led by maestro Sánchez, who knows how to serve music in an attractive way and according to the composer's wishes. The formidable musical intentions with the dynamic and temperamental fan very well achieved, we have been able to appreciate in the two polkas – fast; "El Paso de la Tormenta" and "El Tren del Placer", as well as in the waltz "Periódicos de la Mañana". A work that traditionally never lacks in the program of the New Year – Kings, is the most famous waltz "The Blue Danube" that culminated the program, provoking, a lively and spontaneous reaction of the public, which did not spare applause fully deserved for the orchestra and its director. Only the encores remain; a polka – fast "On the Hunt" with a funny staging and the "Radetzky March" – traditionally with active participation of the public.

It is true that participating in concerts to listen to good music is a form of detachment from everyday life. Music releases in us endorphins – hormones of happiness and certainly the New Year's Concert – Kings. demonstrated the veracity of that thesis. It is opportune to thank an exciting evening to the fabulous Torrevieja Symphony with its excellent conductor J.F. Sánchez, for a program composed of nice popular pieces and for the opportunity to embrace music with great affection.